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Within the Programme a Department for Social Partnership was established to support the national VET Centre in its efforts to improve the collaboration with the economy of Serbia and increase the relevance of vocational education. The department will collaborate closely with enterprises of 6 chosen industrial sectors: Buiding and Construction,Electrical Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Health, Agriculture and Food which are divided into separate areas. For that reason an Advisory Committee has been established. Upon the recommendation made by The Employers Association and the Serbian Chamber of Commerce it consists of the representatives of trend settings companies. The role of the Advisory Committee is to contribute to the reform having in mind their "economic point of view" and supply it with relevant information about what skills and knowledge are needed in the market, what trends are prevailing, and of the directions of development in their branches. This information will directly influence the development of relevant curricula and training in the Vocational Education and Training system and ensure needed profiles and training services in the future.

The intention of the Social Partnership Department in the future is to develop a national netwoork which will closely cooperate with the Advisory Committee i.e establishment of 6 sub-committees with 4-5 representatives from companies in the selected branches of industry. Each sub-committee will thus represent an industrial branch and will be able to offer information about specific demands of each industrial branch.

Additional Support to VET Reform Programme
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