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In the school of Sabac the flat roof secured no protection from rain and snow. A new roof will be constructed
All the windows of the school built in 1908 will be replaced for the first time
Bad and uncovered electric installations will not be a danger for students anymore

After the detailed assessment and proposed requirements for renovation in 49 pilot schools in September 2004 works on school rehabilitation are starting.

The works mainly consist of roof readjustment, replacing of old joinery, reparation of heating and electrical installations. That will improve security of the structure, provide better hydro and thermo protection and at the same time schools will be adjusted to the specific needs of teaching according to new curricula.

Some of the schools in Vojvodina will be rehabilitated for the first time in their almost hundred year long history. Works on buildings that are acclaimed for cultural monuments are done with the compliance and in collaboration with the National Institute for Monument Protection.

The contractors have been chosen in tender launched in May 2004 and awarded on 31st August 2004.

For the rehabilitation activity in Serbian schools the European Union through European Agency for Reconstruction has granted 2 million Euros.


The works and supervision tenders launched and contractors selected >>
Rehabilitation works have started

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