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Within the VET Reform Programme 3 million euros have been provided for the procurement of modern equipment and teaching aids to pilot schools. 2 million euros approximately aut of total amount are allocated for IT equipment on the national level and 1 million euros is to be spent on sector-specific equipment, in line with curriculum development activities, covering the needs of 22 pilot vocational schools included in the second phase of the Programme.

While identifying the need for modern equipment in schools, it was taken into account that the students' IT literacy is one of educational priorities. The Ministry of Education agreed that apart form the schools directly involved in the Programme, the IT equipment should be provided to other schools as well, within the predicted budget.

In order to analyse IT needs of each school, design budget and adequately and transparently allocate funds, Questionnaire was sent to 317 VET schools in March 2006. Out of 283 schools which responded, 98 schools were selected to be supplied with ICT equipment worth approximately 25.000 euros.

Apart from IT equipment, 22 pilot schools directly involved in the second phase of the VET Reform Programme will also get modern specialised equipment which enables teaching in accordance with new curricula.

Both IT and specialised equipment will be installed in schools in the course of 2007/2008 school year.


IT equipment worth 1.9 million euros has been installed in 98 secondary vocational schools in Serbia >>

Tender evaluation for specialised equipment finished >>






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