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Vocational training for pilot schools' teachers

Seminars for the teachers who will implement the new curricula were carried out in August in the Tourism and Catering Schools in Belgrade, Vrnjacka Banja and the Technical School for Wood-Processing, Interior Decoration and Landscape Architecture. At the invitation of the Vocational Education and Training Programme, Austrian VET teachers delivered the training. Read more...


Eight new profiles in pilot schools from September 2007

New curricula for 8 profiles to be implemented starting school year 2007/08 in pilot schools in Serbia, have been developed in such a way that the students will no longer ask the well-known question: "Why do I learn this when it has nothing to do with my future job?"
The new curricula are developed in accordance with labour market needs and should ensure employment in the given professional field or a good basis for further education. Read more...



Demonstration of a veterinary technician Matura examination in Pozarevac


A demonstration of a veterinary technician Matura examination (practical part) was given in the secondary agricultural school " Sonja Marinković" in Požarevac on Friday 4th May 2007. The practice lesson teachers from the schools in which the students are going to take Matura examination according to new curricula this year had a chance to get familiar with the procedure. Read more ...


6 million Euro for specialised equipment in pilot schools
  About 80% of the graduates from pilot classes in agricultural school in Kraljevo were employed within the three months after graduation, and the situation is similar in other pilot schools in which students were educated according to the new curricula. Wiht new specialised equipment these schools are following European educational standards as Serbian Minister of Education Mr Slobodan Vuksanovic and the Head of EC Delegation in Serbia Mr Josep Lloveras had an opportunity to prove during their visit to agricultural school. Read more...

Policy and Strategy Development in VET in Serbia

According to new strategy of development vocational education and training should become important aspect of social and economic progress. Read more...


Contemporary vocational education and training - 1.500 new computers for 55 pilot schools in Serbia

With 1500 new ``IBM`` computers of the last generation 55 demonstrational schools are moved up to European standards. Read more...


2 million Euros for school rehabilitation

When rehabilitation works are completed in the end of the year, conditions for work for teachers and students in 49 vocational schools will be a lot better. Read more...


VET Reform Programme enters its second year of development

Reformed VET schools should facilitate employment as well as to enable continuing of education to those who want. Read more...


VET Reform Programme on the test in schools from September 2004

Launching of Innovation Fund

The Innovation Fund is established to provide support and opportunity for implementation of innovative activities to 50 demonstrative VET schools and 5 Regional Adult Educational Centres and all other parties involved in the reform process of secondary and adult vocational education and training in Serbia. Read more...


Assistance of the EU in the reform of vocational education and training

The aim of Programme is to offer fulfilment of policy and strategy framework of VET, development and implementation of modern curriculum and vocational teacher training in Serbia. Read more...


Additional Support to VET Reform Programme
 This project is funded by the European Union -  www.europa.rs