News and events
1. Policy and strategy

1.1 Policy for VET in Serbia

  White Paper - Policy and Strategy Development for VET in Serbia
  Concept of Vocational Education and Training in Serbia
1.2 Elaboration of Policy Recomendations for VET in Serbia
  Green Paper - Policy and Strategy Development for VET in Serbia
1.3 Adult Education Policy
  Concept and Strategy Development for Regional Training Centres
  Policy and Strategy of Adult Education in Serbia
  Action Plan for the Implementation of the Policy for Adult Education
1.4 Other Polcies
2. Curriculum Development and Implementation
2.1 Policy Related Documents
2.2 Manuals
2.3 Monitoring
2.4 Pilot Curricula Data Base
3. Regional Training Centres for Adults
3.1 Final Evaluation
4. Human Resources Development
4.1 HRD Plan for the Programme
4.2 Manuals
5. Equipment Supply
5.1 Methodology
6. School Rehabilitation
6.1 School map
7. Innovation Fund
7.1 Project Overview
8. EIB

8.1 EIB Loan, August 2004

Additional Support to VET Reform Programme
 This project is funded by the European Union -  www.europa.rs